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Bytecoin FAQ

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Where to buy Bytecoins

You can buy a bytecons on the official exchangers. List of exchangers on official website here

It`s better of all to make transactions on exchangers with big trading volumes. Like Poloniex or HitBTC.

It is important that the price is as close as possible to the price on coinmarketcap

You can also buy bytecoins with bitcoin in the official web wallet

How to clear the bytecoin wallet cache

Open Bytecoin data folder (Windows: %appdata%/bytecoin aka C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\bytecoin)

Remove wallet_cache folder

What kind of hardware spec do I need to run a Bytecoin node ? and can I use the same computer to do mining at the same time?

Every computer with bytecoin blockchain is node.

If you want to create public node, better of all is to buy VPS - for 99% uptime.

You need vps with at least 40GB HDD/SSD and it`s nice to have 1GB RAM , but you can get 512 and it will work.

I don`t recommend CPU mining on own PC or VPS - it`s ferociously.

I already have a pc that is using GPU to mine 24/7, I wonder if I can use it to run public node

Yes you can. You just need to start GUI wallet, then - you have runned bytecoin daemon on your PC

Remains only open 8081 port for remote connections to make it public

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