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How to create own public bytecoin node

You can start node with walletd (daemon which work with your wallet on the server) and without walletd - only bytecoind (daemon which work with node, and allows users to connect their wallets (walletd) to your node). So, if you don`t need work with wallet and walletd - just don`t make new wallet. On the video below - instruction how to start walletd and bytecoind both.

First of all you need to buy cheap VPS server. We are using VMBox in Europe - it`s good service, but you can find more cheap at

Make sure that you have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS . This simple manual for that OS only

Now create wallet and download daemons (Linux) from page. You can create wallet on your PC through GUI Wallet.

Upload that daemons and wallet file to folder on the server. It`s can be in bcn folder at the root directory of server.

Make sure that your walletd, bytecoind and walletfile on 0755 (rwxr-xr-x) permissions.

If you need only bytecoind

Create /etc/systemd/system/bytecoind.service

# Bytecoind: systemd unit for bytecoind
# /etc/systemd/system/bytecoind.service

Description=Bytecoin daemon

ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c 'sleep 20'
ExecStart=/path/to/bytecoind --bytecoind-bind-address=


sudo systemctl enable bytecoind.service

And if you want add walletd as a service

Create /etc/systemd/system/walletd.service

# Walletd: systemd unit for bytecoin wallet daemon
# /etc/systemd/system/walletd.service

Description=Wallet daemon start bytecoind.service

ExecStart=/bin/bash -c /path_to_walletd_startscript/walletdstart


Create /path_to_walletd_startscript/walletdstart


sleep 20

echo | /path/to/walletd --wallet-file=/path/to/wallet.wallet --wallet-password="password" --bytecoind-remote-address= --walletd-bind-address=

echo '\n'

sudo systemctl enable walletd.service

And voila, check if node has started on http://yourserverip:8081 page, it shows us synchronization status.

Now you can ask me to add your node to Bytecoin public node list on