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Bytecoin Paper Wallet - Safe Way to Create Paper Wallet Manually

I am not ask to share your private key to this website. You will use Google API, or other third party QR code generator whom you trust.

Here - how to create safe paper wallet if you use Bytecoin GUI and need to store your keys on paper. Also that page is valuable because here you can download paper wallet design :).

To create wallet we have to make simple actions - export public key (address) and private key. Then make QR codes, and paste it on paper wallet design.

Public Key (Address) is placed on the top of Bytecoin GUI Wallet click on it to copy. Private key you can export in Wallet > Export Keys menu, then enter password and copy text in textarea.

To create QR codes choose any QR generator whom you trust. Here we will use Google API. Also you can make beautiful pink qr code with Bytecoin logo on the center for your public key (wallet address) on|0

Change PASTE_YOUR_KEY_HERE__PASTE_YOUR_KEY_HERE__ for your key and run that url. Also if you need change qr size - replace 400x400 by your other size. Google API will generate QR that you need to copy and paste on paper wallet. First for Public then for Private key.

To paste key you can use Paint or any other image editor.

Now print your wallet and bend it for a compact size, and dont forget to donate us :)

When you need to import your wallet from paper just open GUI wallet and click Wallet > Create Wallet File From Keys, here paste result of scanned QR code private key

Bytecoin Paper Wallet Design

Bytecoin Paper Wallet Design One

Bytecoin Paper Wallet Design Second

Bytecoin Paper Wallet Design Third

Please write me in telegram to add your paper wallet design here

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